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Cromer Lifeboat Number Two Station

DateCasualtyLives Saved
21/12/1923Schooner GOTHA, of Bergqvara, stood by 
20/03/1939Motor vessel FOSNA, of Bergen, landed a sick man 
09/10/1939RNLB H F BAILEY, of Cromer, gave help and landed 29 saved from MOUNT IDA 
12 - 13/10/1939Steamship LINWOOD, of Middlesborough, saved12
12/12/1939Steamship CORBROOK, of London, stood by 
13/02/1940Tanker BRITISH TRIUMPH, of London, saved two boats 
18/11/1940HM Trawler DUNGENESS, gave help 
20/11/1940HM Trawler DUNGENESS, gave help 
10/12/1940Steamship ROYSTON, of Newcastle, gave help 
11/03/1941Steamship KENTON, of Newcastle, salved gear 
01/04/1941HM Trawler VALEXA, landed 1 
14/04/1941HM Trawlers MADDEN and TAMORA, took out doctor and landed 4 injured men 
06/08/1941Steamship TAARA, of Parnu, saved8
09/09/1941 - 01/11/1941Steamship TEDDINGTON, of London, gave help on 6 occasions 
24/11/1942HM Trawler, brought papers ashore 
03/12/1943Fishing boat MORNING STAR, of Cromer, escorted 
26/10/1947Motor vessel GOLD GNOME, of London, stood by and gave help 
01/04/1948Speed-boat DAY II, landed 2 from Steamship DYNAMO 
11 - 12/09/1948Motor Trawler GEORGES LANGAWAY, of F├ęcamp, gave help 
26 - 27/01/1949Motor vessel FARNDALE, of Middlesborough, gave help 
06/02/1950Three fishing boats, of Cromer, and one of Runton, escorted 
17/06/1950Motor vessel GLAMIS, of Dundee, landed a sick man 
31/05/1953HMS CHEERFUL, landed passengers 
05/06/1953Fishing boats MISS CROMER and WHY WORRY, of Cromer, escorted 
15/09/1953Fishing boat WHY WORRY, of Cromer, escorted 
28/09/1955Steamship MOORWOOD, of London, took out doctor 
17/12/1955Three fishing boats, of Cromer, escorted 
22/07/1957Yacht POCOCITA, stood by 
16/04/1960Fishing boat JUNE ROSE, of Sheringham, escorted 
13/01/1961Motor vessel JURA, of Groningen, gave help 
15/08/1961Crab boats FRIENDSHIP, BLACK BEAUTY, WILLIAM ROBERT and ENGLISH ROSE, of Cromer, escorted 
05/04/1963Steamship HUDSON SOUND, of London, landed a sick man 
ON 834 JOSE NEVILLE Reserve Lifeboat
29/06/1964Crab boat GEORGE WILLIAM, of Cromer, gave help 
29/06/1964Crab boat YOUNG FISHERMAN, of Cromer, escorted 
27/11/1965Fishing boat YOUNG FISHERMAN, of Cromer, gave help 
28/11/1965Fishing boats CHARLES PERKINS, GEORGE ROBERT, BLACK BEAUTY and LEWIS JAMES of Cromer, escorted boats 
01/02/1966Admiralty Motor vessel UNIVERSAL DIPPER, gave help 
02/06/1966Cabin cruiser SHELLDUCK, of Ipswich, gave help 
10/06/1966Yacht VOLE, gave help and landed 3 
05/08/1966Crab boats MY BEAUTY, AUTUMN ROSE, and LEWIS JAMES, of Cromer, stood by boats 
08/12/1966Trawler ST LUCIA, of Lowestoft, landed an injured man 
11/12/1966DUKW [amphibious vehicle], saved DUKW and landed 9 
30/05/1967Motor fishing vessel KARIN HOEGH, landed a sick man, thereby saving1