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Rechabites in Cromer

The Rechabite Friendly Society was active in Cromer from the 1880s with the last members joining in the 1940s. The records of the Society are extant and we've included a selection of the earlier membership of the Society in the list below, where it may be of interest to family historians.

Some friendly societies subscribed to local hospitals, which enabled them to recommend their members for treatment. The IOR Cromer Tent paid an annual subscription of one guinea to Cromer Cottage Hospital, entitling them to recommend two people for admission in the year, "one for each half guinea".

Women had their own societies, particularly in industrial areas where there were large numbers of female workers. In Norfolk female societies were uncommon but many of the early female Tents of the Rechabites had been amalgamated with the male groups, making them the first order to allow mixed membership. The first two members of the Cromer Tent were husband and wife Alfred and Sarah Ann Salter, The growth of the temperance movement in the late nineteenth century had a strong appeal to women and in the years 1884-1908 women made up a high proportion of the membership of the Cromer Tent.

Although her husband was one of the first members of the IOR in Norwich, when Catherine Scarlett wished to join the Rechabites the "Self-Help" Tent in Norwich did not accept women, so she was initiated into the "Cromer" Tent in January 1886. She took an active role in the movement and in 1888 she became one of the first members of the "Onward" (Female) Tent in Norwich. This was the first female branch of any of the affiliated orders in the city.

AgeDate of initiationDate of Proposition or JoiningMarried or singleMember's NameNo.OccupationRemarksResidence
1884Alfred Edward Salter1Hillside, Cromer
1884Sarah Anne Salter2Hillside, Cromer
1884Olive Gallehawk3
1884Mary Ann Swan4
1884Margaret Amelia Ransom51909 address Bond Street, Cromer 1916 address 17 The Meadow, Cromer - From 1900 married name was KirbyTucker Street, Cromer
1884Frederick Walter Burton6
1884John Kettle Jnr762 Church Street, Cromer
1884Robert Laurence Randall821 Mount Street, Cromer
1884James White9Cabbell Road, Cromer
1884William Mayes10
1884Charley Burton11
Ephraim Randell12Honorary Member
2603 Jan 188503 Jan 1885MarriedHarriet Mary Ann Burton13Cromer
1631 Jan 188517 Jan 1885SingleWilliam Thomas Craske14BlacksmithCromer
3331 Jan 188531 Jan 1885MarriedWalter William Larwood15BuilderRoughton
1731 Jan 188531 Jan 1885SingleMargaret Henrietta Parr16Cromer
3814 Feb 188514 Feb 1885MarriedSophia Larwood17Roughton
1528 Feb 188528 Feb 1885SingleAlfred Henry Amiss18BasketmakerCromer
1528 Feb 188528 Feb 1885SingleJames Robert Golding19Butcher1906 address Suffield Park, 1909 address West Street, 1913 address 11 Meadow, West StreetSurrey Street, Cromer
2128 Feb 188528 Feb 1885SingleFlorence Blanche Alexandra Kettle20Cromer
_28 Feb 188528 Feb 1885_John Kettle snr21Honorary memberChurch Street, Cromer
1814 Feb 188514 Feb 1885SingleCharles Edward Curtis22TailorCromer
2411 Apr 188511 Apr 1885SingleWilliam England23BakerCromer
2111 Apr 188511 Apr 1885SingleEdward Sackett White24GrocerCromer
1511 Apr 188511 Apr 1885SingleHenry Thomas Payne25Butcher
2525 Apr 188525 Apr 1885SingleWilliam Frederick Payne26Grocer
1925 Apr 188525 Apr 1885SingleHarriet England27Cromer
2009 May 188525 Apr 1885SingleGertude Harriet Copsey28
1709 May 188511 Apr 1885SingleMary Leake29Runton
1509 May 188509 May 1885SingleHerbet Durrant Pyke30ShoemakerGresham
3323 May 188525 Apr 1885MarriedAlfred Joseph Leake (Lake)31FishermanEast Runton
1720 Jun 188520 June 1885SingleHarry Tapner Bacon32Grocer1903 address Prince of Wales RoadMeadow Villas, Cromer
2118 July 188504 July 1885SingleAlice Rogers Clements33Overstrand
2618 July 188518 July 1885MarriedCharles Aaron Warner34PhotographerCromer
3718 July 188518 July 1885MarriedRuth Anderson351906 address Cross StreetNew Street, Cromer
2105 Sep 188529 Aug 1885SingleWalter Reuben Pigg36Printer1909 address Cromer House, East Runton, 1916 address Garden Cottage. The Heath, RoughtonHolt
2205 Sep 188529 Aug 1885SingleJohn Holmes Randall37Watchmaker etcHolt
24 Sep 188512 Sep 1885MarriedJohn Hales26SurgeonDeclaration form completed - but doesn't appear to have paid contributions or become a memberHolt
3424 Sep 188512 Sep 1885MarriedJohn Bradford Hudson38Schoolmaster1900 address 4 St Marys Road, CromerCromer
2029 Oct 188526 Sep 1885SingleHerbert John Hudson39Watchmaker etcHolt
3230 Jan 188630 Jan 1886MariedCatherine Mary Ann Scarlett40Norwich
2113 Mar 188627 Feb 1886MarriedEdward Quinton Bullock41CarpenterCromer
2527 Mar 188627 Mar 1886SingleJoseph Middleton42LabourerSigned declarataion XCromer
4324 Apr 188624 Apr 1886MarriedThomas Wanstall43Pensioner1900 address Prince of Wales Road, 1903 address Cabbell RoadCromer
1524 Apr 188624 Apr 1886SingleGeorge Austin Blythe44PainterCromer
2315 May 188610 Apr 1886SingleChristopher Leonard Playford45PrinterHolt
1927 May 188622 May 1886SingleWalter Winearls46ShopkeeperCromer
1705 June 188605 Jun 1886SingleMary Louisa Smith47Domestic ServantMarried DoughtyCromer
16 July 188619 June 1886Ernest Lloyd Savory48ClergymanHonoraryPalgrave
16 July 188619 June 1886James Charles Mayes49FishermanHonoraryCromer
10 Aug 188619 June 1886William Cooke50HonoraryAldborough
10 Aug 188619 June 1886Edward Charles Knights51HonoraryGresham
1528 Aug 188628 Aug 1886SingleAlbert James Wanstall52Cromer
2403 Sep 188628 Aug 1886MarriedRobert Davis (Davies)53FishermanCromer
4303 Sep 188628 Aug 1886MarriedLouisa Botwright54South Repps
28 Aug 1886William Winearls42Declaration form completed - but doesn't appear to have paid contributions or become a memberHolt
2123 Sep 188611 Sep 1886SingleAlick Emery Jones55GrocerHolt
3124 Sep 188611 Sep 1886MarriedAlice Grand56Shopkeeper
3709 Oct 188611 Sep 1886MarriedJane Wanstall571900 address Prince of Wales Rd, 1903 Cabbell Rd, 1908 5 St Marys Road, 1912 6 St Marys Road, 1916 Westby, Prince of Wales RdCromer
2026 Oct 188623 Oct 1886SingleHerbet Le Pla58Baker
2923 Dec 188618 Dec 1886SingleSarah Ann Moulton59Housekeeper
2023 Dec 188618 Dec 1886SingleWilliam Beck60GrocerHolt
2509 Feb 188712 Feb 1887SingleAnna Maria Randall61
1526 Feb 188726 Feb 1887SingleBlanche Caroline Smith62South Repps
2926 Mar 188712 Mar 1887MarriedJohn Allen63Fisherman1900 address 10 North Row, CromerCromer
1709 Apr 188709 Apr 1887SingleHerbert Plumbly64LabourerCromer
1523 Apr 188723 Apr 1887SingleAlfred Ramm65Cromer
1887Robert Mayes66
1909 May 188721 May 1887SingleCharlotte Elizabeth Watts67DressmakerWalsingham
2609 May 188721 May 1887SingleThomas Malcolm Larner68GrocerHolt
2116 May 188707 May 1887SingleArthur Henry Hewitt69GrocerCromer
2016 May 188721 May 1887SingleJames Dickerson70CarpenterCromer
1704 Jun 188721 May 1887SingleGeorge William Smith71BakerCromer
2704 Jun 188704 June 1887MarriedSarah Emma Mees721900 address Albany Rd, Manor Park 1902 Ilford, 1905 15 Sunnyside Road, Ilford 1916 26 Seymour Gardens IlfordManor Park
2904 Jun 188704 June 1887MarriedWilliam Mees73Surveyor1900 address Albany Rd, Manor Park 1902 Ilford, 1905 15 Sunnyside RoadManor Park
1816 July 188720 July 1887SingleAgnes Selina Watts74Pupil TeacherWalsingham
3408 Oct 188716 July 1887MarriedBenjamin Joseph Harrison75Fisherman1900 address New StreetCromer
4211 Feb 188811 Feb 1888MarriedHarriet Kettle76Cromer
3811 Feb 188811 Feb 1888MarriedJacob Warman Munton77StonemasonCromer
1888Ernest Henry Harrison78
2410 Mar 188825 Feb 1888MarriedHerbert Bullen79CarpenterCromer
2424 Mar 188824 Mar 1888SingleFlorence Blanche Alexandra Kettle80Cromer
3424 Mar 188824 Mar 1888MarriedJames Lee81Labourer1900 address East RuntonRunton
2724 Mar 188824 Mar 1888MarriedCharlotte Green82Overstrand
2324 Mar 188824 Mar 1888SingleGeorge John Youell83Chimney SweepCromer
2421 Apr 188821 Apr 1888MarriedFlorence Sarah Ann Mace841900 address Garden StreetCromer
3005 May 188805 May 1888MarriedSamuel Robert Cutting85LabourerAylmerton
1708 Sep 188808 Sep 1888SingleJames Henry Tann86CarpenterCromer
1606 Oct 188806 Oct 1888SingleCharles Richard Ransom87LabourerCromer
1612 Jan 188919 Jan 1889SingleGeorge Walter Nockels88Fishmonger1900 address Church Street, 1907 Garden StreetCromer
2921 Sep 188921 Sep 1889MarriedCharlotte Allen89Housewife1900 address 10 North RowCromer
1619 Oct 188919 Oct 1889SingleGeorge Alfred Allen90Coal PorterHonorary 1900 address Church St, 1906 Swans Yard, 1912 6 South CottagesCromer
19 Oct 1889Joseph Frederick Cholmondeley James91ClergymanCromer
2027 June 189127 June 1891SingleWilliam Thomas Leake (Lake)92FishermanEast Runton
2027 Aug 189127 Aug 1891SingleWilliam H Jeckells93Railway Servant1900 address Norwich, (Note in book says Annie born 1878 was this his wife?)Cromer
2017 Oct 189117 Oct 1891SingleJohn Henry Chadwick94Gardener1900 address Overstrand, later Fishers Hill, Hook Heath, Woking, SurreyCromer
1615 Dec 189115 Dec 1891SingleBenjamin Henry Nockles95SaddlerCromer
1923 Feb 189223 Feb 1892SingleHarold Drake Randell96Painter1900 address Alfred Road, 1901 Prince of Wales RoADCromer
1922 Mar 189222 Mar 1892SingleKeziah Ransome (nee Goodwin)97Dairy Assistant30 June 1900 name changed to RansomeCromer
1631 May 189231 May 1892SingleErnest Lucish Charles Wanstall98Railway Servant1900 address Prince of wales RoadCromer
1612 July 189212 July 1892SingleArthur James Summers99GardenerOverstrand
1821 Feb 18931893SingleAlfred Robert Lake1001910 address New Street, CromerEast Runton
1721 Feb 18931893SingleEmily Long101ServantBond St, Cromer
2007 Mar 18931893SingleBenjamin James Cleathero102Bricklayer1900 address Cross StreetCross St, Cromer
2521 Mar 18931893SingleSamuel George Laurence103Gardener1901 address No 2 Cottage, Howy Hill, Hillingdon, Uxbridge, 1901 The Chestnuts, Hillingdon, 1903 Suffield Park, 1903 West Runton, 1905 5 Spring Cottages, West RuntonCromer
1816 May 189316 May 1893SingleEva Rosanna Eke1041900 address c/o Miis Mundy, High St, East HamWest St, Cromer
1516 May 189316 May 1893SingleAlice Mary Moreton (nee Eke)1051900 address 96 London Rd, Kingston on Thames Names changed to Moreton 1904West St, Cromer
1893Robert Walter Lines Jeckells1061900 address 3 The MeadowCromer
1893Elizabeth Martha Mary Ann Jeckells1071903 address, NorwichAylmerton
1893William George Warner1081900 address Surrey St, 1901 Suffield Park, 31 Mill Lane, Suffield Park,Cromer
1893Harriet M Blythe nee Kettle1091900 address Palmers Stable, GER Railway Named chabged to Blythe 1900Cromer
1893James Allen1101900 address 9 The MeadowCromer
1893Katherine Ann Massingham111
1893Emily Mary Allen112
1893Alfred Rowland Harrison113
1893Charlotte Annie Green (nee Cook)1141900 address Alfred Road, Cromer
1894Edith Elizabeth Barnes115
1894Cecil Chadwick1161900 address Overstrand, 1901 Lilac Farm, Banningham
1894Arthur Charles Lee1171900 address East Runton
1894Janie Payne later Hewitt1181900 address Louden Lane. 1913 Golden Square, 1911 Holt Name changed to Hewitt 1911
1894 Membership commenced 29 Sep 1896Richard Wanstall1191900 address Prince of Wales Rd, 1915 Norfolk War Hospital, Norwich 1916 Boys Home, St Faiths Lane, Norwich
1895John Thomas Watson Blythe1201900 address Station Rd, Lower Sheringham
1895George Girling1211900 address 28 Denmark Rd, Norwich
1895Emma Mary Chadwick (nee Randell)1221900 address 20 North Row,, 60 Church Street named changed to Chadwick June 1900
1895William Robert Seales1231900 address Prince of Wales Rd, 1904 Alfred Rd, 1905 Vicarage Rd, 1910 16 The Terrace, Upper Bridge Rd, Chelmsford, 1912 211 Upper Bridge Rd, Chelmsford, 1916 Braemar, Ldy Lane, Chelmsford
1895Martha Ann Muntzer1241902 address c/o Mr A Lake, East Runton, 1916 Cantlowes Road, London
1895Ellen Smith1251900 address Louden Lane, 1908 4 Trafalgar St, Lakenham, Norwich, 1913 Golden Square, Cromer, 1916 Louden Lane
1896Arthur Colman Elliott1261900 address Studley Cottage, 1904 Hans Place, 1906 Studley Cottage, 1907 Hans Place
1896Walter John Allen1271900 address 10 North Row, 1913 Chapel St
1896Winifred Wills Weir1281900 21 Mount Street, 1907 Newcastle on Tyne
1896Frederick John Smith1291902 address Mount Street
1896Lucy Childs (nee Irwin)1301900 address High St, 1902 6 Chesterfield Villas, 916 'Home', The Croft.Named changed to Childs 1901
1896Herbert Fox131Wife: Sophia Charlotte aged 34 in 1896
1896Muriel Martha Kettle1321900 address 4 Chesterfield Villas, 1901 Suffield Park
1897Edgar Frederick Cotton (or Frederick Edgar)1331900 address Colne Lodge, 1903 Prince of Wales Rd, 1907 West St.
1897Mary Ann Payne1341900 address Louden Lane
1897Ernest William Hunter1351900 address Norwich
1897James William Allen1361900 address 9 The Meadow, 1910 8 Mount Street
1897Robert Surtees Defty1371900 address East Runton, 1904 11 Cross St, Brancepth Colliery, Willington, Durham, 1904 West Runton, 1905 East Runton
1897Robert Esau Painter138
1897George Samuel Painter139
1897Frederick John Littledyke140
1897Alfred William Allen1411900 address 10 North Row
1898Frederick Henry Cleathero142
1898John Richard Edwards143Wife Jane Edwards, aged 35 in 1898West Runton
1898Lewis Maurice Leake144East Runton
1898Frank James Jacobs1451900 address Cross St, 1906 22 Hanover St, Syleham, SE, 1906 6 Chapel Yard, Holt,
1898William Hayward Kettle1461900 address Chapel St,
1898Hannah Mace Symonds1471900 address Dormy Cottage
1899Clemence Horace Lake1481900 address East Runton. 1910 London
1899May Nockels (later Learner)1491900 address Church St, name changed to Learner 1905
1899Louisa White1501902 address Cross St, 1906 Bond St, 1909 Cross St, 1913 West St, 1916 18 Church St
1899Alfred Salter1511909 address Notch Hill, BC, Canada,Hillside, Cromer
1899William Salter1521908 address 15 Sunnyside Road, Ilford, 1913 42 Scrafton Rd, IlfordHillside, Cromer
1900Alice Ann Walker (later Wright)1531902 address 55 Mill Lane, Suffield Park, 1903 6 Brooke St Name changed to Wright 1902Mid & GN Railway, Cromer
1900Maggie Elizabeth Walker154Mid & GN Railway, Cromer
1900Alice Cadywould (nee Daniels)1551904 address Ashtin Villa, Upper Cliff Rd, Gorleston Name changed to Cadywould 190544 Cabbell Road, Cromer
1900John Herbert Kettle1561900 address Wyndham Park, 1902, Club, Cromer, 1903 20 Star Rd, West KensingtonCross St, Cromer
1900May Read157Church St, Cromer
1901John Richard Edwards158
1901William Charles Mayes1591909 address Sittingbourne, 1916 School House, South Weald, Nr Brentford
1901Alice Maud Mayes1601913 address Colne Ford House, White Colne, Essex 1916 c/o Mrs Etheridge, Queens Rd, Earls ColneCromer
1901Wilfred William Randall1611906 address 21 Moncrieff St, Rye Lane, Peckham, 1909 43 Oglander Rd, E Dulwich, SE, 1913 Cromere, Brockley Grove, SEMount St, Cromer
1901Mabel Theodosia Randall1621906 address 150 Venner Rd, Sydenham, SE, 1908 62 LaurelGrove, Penge, SE, 1910 26 Stodart Rd, Penge, SE, 1910 118 Oakfield Rd, Penge, 1915 21 Padua Rd, Anerley, SEMount St, Cromer
1901William John Cheverton1631907 address Clare House, Clare Rd, Suffield Park, 1913 St Marys Road, 1915 Suffield Park, 1916 Bond St Wife Elizabeth aged 26 in 1901Mill Lane, Cromer
1901Muriel Ethel Durrant16414 North Row, Cromer
1901Robert Whitehead1651902 address c/o Mr H Amis, West St, Cromerc/o Mr J A Clarke, Church St, Cromer
1902Alfred Ernest Walker166M & GN Railway Cottages, Cromer
1903Harry S B Cotton167Colne Lodge, Cromer
1902Anna Curtis (nee Golding)1681906 name changed to Curtis14 Connaught Rd, Cromer
1902Charles Thomas Allen16910 North Row, Cromer
1902Robert John Keeley1701906 address Mount St, 1908 Chesterfield Villas, 1910 33 Cliff Rd, CromerChurch Street, Cromer
1903Ethel Rose M Grimble1716 Hans Place, Cromer
1904Gordon Samuel Groom1721912 address 16 Sangley Rd, South Norwood, SE, 1912 15 Sangey Rd, South Norwiid, 1916 2 Hawthorn Ave, Shirley Rd, Croydon, 1916 20 Constitution Hill, Norwich, 1916 9 Aylsham Rd, NorwichSchool House, Aylmerton
1905Edith Elizabeth Golding (nee Baker)1731907 address Heathersett House, 1908 17 Cross St, 1912 9 High St, 1915 Canada Road Name changed to Golding June 1907Kimberley House, Garden St, Cromer
1905Walter William Withers1741912 address Heath Farm, Roughton, 1913 c/o Miss Death, 57 Leicester St, Norwich, 1916 617 Bethune St, Peterboro, Ontario, Canada62 Church St, Cromer
1906Ellen Lydia Blythe1752 The Bungalow, Cromer
1906Walter Owen Durrant1761913 address 54 Cenral Rd, Cromer14 Chesterfield Cottages, Cromer
1906Ida Read17763 Church St, Cromer
1906Margaret Richardson Tennant (nee Payne)1781911 address 12 Mount St, Cromer 1911 name changed to TennantCross St, Cromer
1906Maud Eugenia Land (nee Kirby)1791908 address Bond St, 1911 17 The Meadow, 1915 The Chestnauts, Waddesden, Nr Aylesbury 1915 Named changed to LandLouden Rd, Cromer
1907Alice Selina Wodehouse (nee Bumphrey)1801912 address Metton Rd, Felbrigg 1913 address West St, Cromer 1909 name changed to Woodhouse6 York Terrace, Suffield Park
1907Nellie Louisa Bumphrey1816 York Terrace, Suffield Park
1908William Wodehouse1821913 address West St, CromerFelbrigg
1908Reginald George Randall1831909 address 21 Moncrieff St, Peckham, Se, 1912 24 Denman R, Peckham, 1914 YMCA, Cairo21 Mount St, Cromer
1908Olive Agnes Walker184M & GN Railway Cottages, Cromer
1908Charles George Hudson1854 St Marys Rd, Cromer
1908Dudley Montague Kettle1861914 address The Groves, Malpas, Cheshire, 1916 5 Cross St, CromerSuffield Park
1908James Brian Smith187Later address 38 Plumstead Common Road, SE16 Thomas St, Kings Lynn
1908Charles Anson Parker1881909 address 38 Plumstead Common Rd, SE, 1910 Bond St, Cromer6 Bond St, Cromer
1909Una Read189Church Street, Cromer
1909Beatrice Florence Algar19051 Station Rd, Cromer
1909Mildred Chant1911 Cambridge St, Cromer
1909Stanley Robert Love192Cliff House Gardens, Cromer
1910Alfred George Daniels1931910 address Clacton on Sea, 91 Ponders End, 1916 Leigh House, 118 High St, Poole, DorsetColne House Stables, Cromer
1910Ernest Victor Kettle1941914 address South AmericaSuffield Park Lodge
1912Josephus Leake195Warlies, Waltham Abey, Essex
1910Lillie Elizabeth Woodhouse1961912 address Hanover House, High St, Cromer 1913 Oakleigh, Norwich Rd, Cromer, 1914 East Ella, Felbrigg1 Grove Cottages, Felbrigg
1910William Death19762 Church St, Cromer
1911Ambrose Golding198New St, Cromer
1911Jonathan Henry Bumfrey1996 York Terrace, Suffield Park
1911Annie Warner20031 Mill Lane, Cromer
1911Alice R Fulcher (later Landsborough)2011913 address Trimingham 1916 name changed to Landsborough3 M&GN Cottages
1911Frank Thomas Allen2021912 address 9 Meadow Cottages9 The Meadow, Cromer
1912Maud Marion Allen2036 New St, Cromer
1912Raymond Edward Ralph Randall20421 Mount St, Cromer
1912Louisa Rounce205Prior Bank, Cliff Ave, Cromer
1912Francis Lewis Castle20674 Central Rd, Cromer
1912Minnie Ellen Pike207Rose Cottage, Aylmerton
1912Raymond Bailey Darby2081916 address 131 Lower Addiscomeb Rd, Croydon, 1916 Kenilworth, 51 Chisholm Rd, East Croydon, 1916 Park Side, Colman Rd, Norwich11 Cadogan Rd, Cromer
1912Sidney Walter Allen2091916 address 10 West Cottages, Cromer6 South Cottages, Cromer
1912Fanny Lilian Smith21014 Cabbell Road, Cromer
1912Arnold Vincent211Suffield Opark, Cromer
1912Annie Ebbage212Minces Farm, Blofield
1912Hilda Beatrice Booth2131912 address The Briary, Crondall, HertsCromer
1912Alice Margery Cooper2146 Victoria Terrace, East Runton
1912Gordon Love Porritt215East Runton
1912Rose Charlotte Matthews216Later address Pond St, NorthreppsCromer
1912Henry Edwin Smith2171915 address 27 Cross St, 1915 74 Central Rd11 Alfred Rd, Cromer
1812Lucy Walwyn218School House, Northrepps
1912Isabel Durrant2191912 address Central Road14 North Row. Cromer
1912Eliza Cawston220Felbrigg Green
1912Lily Beatrice Sergent221West St, Cromer
1912Charles Anson Parker222Bond St, Cromer
1912May Beatrice Golding2231916 address 11 The Meadow, CromerWest St, Cromer
1912Henrietta Sarah Hedges224Cromer
1912Lilian James225Cromer
1912Ralph Theodore Stearne2261916 address 4 York Terrace, Suffield ParkSuffield Park
1912Herbert Hudson2274 St Marys Rd, Cromer
1912Annie Warner Everitt (nee Ling)2281916 name changed to Everitt3 Ivy Cottages, Cromer
1912Priscilla Augusta Lydia De'Ath22962 Church St, Cromer
1912Gladys Margery Payne23060 Church St, Cromer
1912Nora Blogg231Chapel St, Cromer
1912Margaret Annie Woods232Later address 10 St Margarets Road, HanwellOverstrand
1912Alice Maud Redman233Later address Little Waltham, nr ChelmsfordOverstrand
1912Emmeline Honor Garrod (nee Balls)2341913 address 3 Brickfield Cottages, Cromer 1916 The Common, Tuhstall, Suffolk 1916 name changed to Garrod3 Ivy Cottages, Roughton Rd, Cromer
1912Edith Mary Kerr (nee Allen)23515 North Row, Cromer
1912Agnes Alice Jane Miller2362 Ivy Terrace, Brickfields
1912Sarah Jane Baker237Cromer
1913James Robert Bumfrey2386 York Terrace, Suffield Park
1913Mabel Ethel Field239Cromer
1913Alfred Spalding240Cromer
1913Amelia Jane Wavenham241Cromer
1913Sayer Archer2425 Gangway, Cromer
1913Ernest Geoffrey Smith2431916 address 7 Cross St, Cromer 1916 14 Morton Road, 1916 5 Clifton Avenue, Midland Rd, Peterboro ? CanadaCross St, Cromer
1913Edith Sarah Frances Brown244Cromer
1913Elizabeth Tubby245"Insurance Act only"Upton House, Cromer
1913Rose May Vincent2477 Bond St, Cromer
1913Ernest James Golding248Prince of wales Rd, Cromer
1913Robert John Balls249Church St, Northrepps
1913Sarah Elizabeth Battrick Howland250Cromer
1913Arthur Lumsden Bishop251Cromer
1913Edith Maria Blyth252Cromer
1913Hilda Mary Harrison253Cromer
1914Alice Rhoda Sayer2545 The Gangway, Cromer
1914Harry Cawston255Felbrigg Green
1914Emily May Spinks256Cromer
1914Florence May Allen257Cromer
1915Enid Honor Norman (nee Randall)2581916 name changed to Norman21 Mount St, Cromer
1915Carrie Mary Balls2591916 address 4 Connaught Rd, CromerChurch St, Northrepps
1915Arthur Brand26026 Central Rd, Cromer
1915James Percy Allen261Cromer
1915Edith Jane Brand26226 Central Rd, Cromer
1915Margaret Elizabeth Cooper (nee Bumphrey)2631916 name changed to Cooper6 York Terrace, Suffield Park
1915Renee Violet Scott (nee Slapp)2641916 name changed to Scott9 West St, Cromer
1915Frederick Nowell Smith265Dicharged 19 April 1919Cross St, Cromer
1915Olga Laura Stearne2661915 address 4 York Terrace, Suffield Park1 Tilney St, Park Lan,e London
1915Elizabeth Owen Roberts267Red House, Cromer
1916Georgina May Facey (nee Wells)2681916 name changed to FaceyNew Cemetery, Felbrigg
1916John Herbert Hewitt269Louden Rd, Cromer
1916Edith Martha Brand27026 Central Rd, Cromer
1916Arthur Sayer2715 Gangway, Cromer
1916Ernest George Frederick Nockels272Cromer
1916Agnes Annie Wanstall273Norwich
1916William Albert Warner27431 Mill Road, Cromer
1916Emily Olive Leake275East Runton
1916Alfred Herbert Leake276East Runton
1916Mary Elizabeth May Leake277London
1916Felix Marmaduke Kettle278Wroxham
1917Frederick William Juby279Cromer
1917Harriet Martha Clark (nee Leake)280Horncastle, Lincs 1916 name changed to ClarkNew St, Cromer
1917Hector George Church2813 The Gangway, Cromer
1917Maggie Victoria Balls2823 Brickfields, Cromer
1917Edward Girling Smith2831916 address 168 London Rd North, Lowestoft7 Cross St, Cromer
1917Albert Edward Seago2845 York Terrace, Suffield Park
1917Arthur Robert Brand2851916 address 8 East Cottages, Tucker St, Cromer later 48 Central Road, Cromer26 Central Rd, Cromer
1917Beatrice Annie Clarke (nee Warner)2861916 name changed to ClarkesConnaught Rd, Cromer
1917Valerie Edna Durrant28729 Bernard Rd, Cromer
1917Ella Muriel Comber288Meadow Villas, Cromer
1918Christopher John Balls2892 Louden Road, Cromer
1918Ethel Martha Atkins (nee Mindham)2901916 addres Ling Hall Road, Wood Norton, E Dereham 1916 name changed to AtkinsShrublands, Norwich Rd, Cromer
1918Ethel Flora May Wanstall291South View, St Marys Rd, Cromer
1918Ivy Thirza Leake292New Street, Cromer
1918Louisa Chamberlin293West Runton
1918Ethel May Gibbons2947 West St, Cromer
See No 246295
1919Ethel Eliza Barker (nee Lee)2961916 name changed to BarkerBeaconsfield, East Runton
1919Elsie Middleton297Cromer
1919Henry Foulger Balls2984 Connaught Rd, Cromer
1919Arthur Wilfred Bishop299Cromer
1920Gladys Annie Seago3005 York Terrace, Suffield Park
1920William Alfred Leake301East Runton
1920Arthur William Nockels3028 Jetty St, Cromer
1920Eva Sophia Smith (nee Fulcher)3031916 address 113 Mill Rd, Cromer 1916 name changed to Smith64 Central Rd, Cromer
1920Cyril Mills304Cromer
1921Jessie Muir Randall30521 Mount St, Cromer
1921Frank Anderson Smith3067 Cross St, Cromer
1921William Allen307Tucker St, Cromer
1921Herbert Albert Muirhead3089 Roseberry Rd, Cromer
1922Arthur Edward White30913 Carlton Terrace, Cromer
1922May Elvina Randall31068 Central Rd, Cromer
1921Reginald Robert Nockels3118 Jetty St, Cromer
1922Ernest Herbert Carter31213 Roseberry Rd, Cromer
1922Vera Joan Hubbard (nee Durrant)3131916 name changed to Hubbard29 Bernard Rd, Cromer
1923Nora Horne (nee Woodhouse)3141916 address Greenfields, West Runton 1916 name changed to Horne12 Cenral Rd, Cromer
1923Wllis May Brand3151916 address 8 East Cottages, Tucker St and later 48 Central Rd, Cromer2 Garden St, Cromer
1924William George Bumphrey3166 York Terrace, Suffield Park
1924Clemence Martins Leake317Pond Cottage, East Runton
1924Alfred Benjamin Slapp31839 Belgravia Square, Westminster
1924Edward William Cheverton319Bond St, Cromer
1925May Marsh3202 York Villas, Cromer
1925Clara Constable3211916 address Surrey House, CromerCanada Rd, Cromer
1926Sidney Charles William Comer32295 Mill Rd, Cromer
1926Gladys Violet Kettle3235 Brickfields, Cromer
1926Rosemary Slapp3241916 address 5 Brickfields, Cromer11 Copse Hill, Wimbledn, SW20
1926Albert Edward Seago3255 York Terrace, Suffield Park
1927Alexander Massingham Bower Cole3264 Mount St, Cromer
1927Kathleen Lilian Emery3278 Chesterfield Cottages, Cromer
1927Blanche Elizabeth White328Hagley House, Bond St, Cromer
1927Leslie William Woodhouse329Bernard Rd, Cromer
1928David Pike3301916 address Hill Farm, RoughtonCromer Rd, Roughton
1928Alice Maude Redman331White House, Lillte Hautbois
1928Francis Irwin Childs3321916 address "Home", The Croft, CromerCroft Estate, Cromer
1929Maurice William Leake333Crofton House, East Runton
1929George Slapp3345 Brickfields, Cromer
1929Joyce Mary Golding33511 Meadow, West St, Cromer
1930William John Mace Symonds3367 Corner St, Cromer
1930Henry William Lloyd33745 Mill Rd, Cromer
1930David John Leake338Pond Cottage, east Runton
1930Violet Ethel Grimble33927 Connaught Rd, Cromer
1930Eric Henry Hewitt341Elm View, Louden Rd, Cromer
1930Marjorie Maude Buck then later Draper (nee Kettle)3411916 name changed to Buck then later to Draper5 Brickfields, Cromer